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Parenting Choice is an interactive online Parenting Class, designed to satisfy the Parent Education & Family Stabilization course that is required to obtain a divorce in various states nationwide. Distance learning Parenting Classes are ideal for those seeking to gain strategies and insights as a parent and create a co-parenting plan.


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Parenting Classes

ParentingChoice Parenting Classes are specifically designed to offer you as a parent the skills and interventions to successfully overcome adversity and accomplish parenting with a bold awareness of what is best for you and your children. Whether your current environment is due to a divorce, custody arrangement or separation this course will provide you with on-going skills and strategies to help build the self-awareness to parent with confidence.


Our course is designed to assist and educate divorcing parents, and consists of the following topics: coping with divorce, divorce and children, family dynamics, financial responsibilities, legal aspects of divorce, neglect and abuse, and strategies.


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Facts about our Parenting Classes & Online Parenting Course

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Is the certificate I receive from accepted in courts?

A. Yes, is an approved provider of a 4-hour Parent Education and Family Stabilization course and courts accept our certificate. If you have any concerns about your specific case, we recommend you ask your local court.

Q. Who should take

A. During a divorce, when children under the age of 18 are involved, courts require that divorcing parents complete a parenting course prior to receiving a final judgment of dissolution of marriage. We encourage parents who are even just considering separating or divorcing from the other parent to take our course to educate themselves in advance. Additionally, parents who are separated, co-parenting, going through custody cases, fostering or adopting can take our course.


Q. How do I register to take

A. The course is designed to be taken completely online. Simply click here. Registering and purchasing this online parenting class is a simple process, but takes several steps. Please read all the instructions and you will be easily guided through the registration process. If you have any difficulty registering online, please call customer support at (786) 529-7455, and someone from our ParentingChoice Support Team will be happy to register you on the phone.

Q. Are there any additional fees to receive the certificate?

A. No, the fee for is all inclusive, which mean that you will receive your certificate immediately upon graduation at no additional charge.


Q. Are there any tests I will need to take?

A. No, this course does not require that you complete any tests or evaluations. To graduate from the class you must complete the required 4 hours and review all the sections.


Q. Do I have to take this course in one sitting?

A. No. is designed so that you may take the course at your own pace, and log on and off as often as you would like. will keep track of the time you have accumulated and the sections you have reviewed, even when you log off. You can view this information under your profile.

Q. How long is the course?

A. You are required to spend a minimum of four hours reviewing the course material, as required by the law. You do not, however, need to accrue those four hours in one sitting. Once registered, you may start and stop the course at your convenience.

Q. When will I receive my certificate?

A. With our parenting class for divorce, you will receive your certificate immediately upon graduation. Once you are eligible for graduation, you'll receive an e-mail immediately, with your certificate attached. You may print this  certificate to use in your final hearing. You may also view and print your certificate at anytime from your profile.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal. If you choose the PayPal option, you can also use American Express.

Q. Can more than one person take the course together and receive separate certificates?

A. No. The law requires that online parenting classes are designed so that each user must purchase the course and complete the course individually. Although anyone can pay for the course only the registered user can receive a certificate. We encourage you to refer as many people as you like but each user must complete the course requirements individually.

Q. Can I take this class on my smart phone?

A. Absolutely! visit our mobile site - Mobile Site


There are advantages to an online course

Since ParentingChoice is a nationwide family stabilization course and accepted in Florida, Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma, Oregon, California and New Jersey, we chose to provide this course to divorcing parents as an online service. In many of these states, especially within the more rural areas, a face to face in person class is not always easily available. Generally, parenting class providers have to wait until the there are enough students before setting a class. This makes online parenting classes more convenient as they can be taken at anytime from any computer or mobile device!

There is no need to take time off of work, or to take time away from the kids to go sit in a 4 hour class. Whether you are taking co parenting classes in Phoenix, or choosing a Florida parenting course, you do not have to worry about court acceptance because we write state specific content for each state based on their statutes and requirements.

Online court ordered parenting classes for divorce is easier because not only can you take on your computer, but also your smartphone or Ipad as well. Now that's convenience!

Divorce, separation and co-parenting and almost always puts children in the middle. Parents need strategies to help them cope with the unusual circumstances that parenting from two separate households can bring. You can always come back and review our material whenever you need a refresher on how to put your kids first when it comes to co-parenting.

Testimonials from our users


I loved this online parenting class. I have done several other online parenting classes in Houston, TX and didn not get much from them. I already knew everything they had discussed. With this parenting class I knew everything but the way it was explained is different than the other courses I have taken. It put a lot things in a much better perspective and helped me to understand the different things that children in the middle go through, and their thought process.

TexasDad | Dallas, TX


I think this Florida parenting class online is a very helpful tool in helping kids to cope with feelings as well as adults and how to handle different situations easier. I will definitely recommend this course as well as re-read everything in it to stay fresh on the advice and the information. I believe that this course will help me and my family grow closer and be more productive in the way we handle any issue that arises. This class has been amazing.

Mom305 | Miami, FL


What I like from this parenting class for divorce is the emphasis on how to handle the divorce with children and put kids first. I have a four year old son so is really helpful all the tips and strategies that the site gives. Also I like that here explained the legal terms and what to expect on a divorce.

Arizona | Flagstaff, AZ


The fact that I could read the material and go back and re-read if need be was very helpful in this educational program. I would never be able to do that if I had attended an in person parenting class in San Antonio, TX. I also like the videos and it was of great convenience being at hands reach.

SanAnMommy | San Antonio, TX


I learned something more interesting in this parenting course that I never thought of - how to keep in mind the best interests of children in the middle of divorce. I'm grateful I took this course and many thanks from El Paso, TX.

TeTex | El Paso, TX


I was looking for an Arizona parenting course and found It was nice to know that I am not alone with a lot of the feelings, emotions, actions, etc. -that these things are very common. In all honesty it would be great if all divorcing parents would take the same divorce class.

BigLove | Orlando, FL


I am a first time father and this parenting course really helped as far as things to look forward to, as well as how to handle certain situations in the relationship with the ex and as our daughter grows into adulthood. With the understanding that it doesn't stop there either. Our daughter is only 10 months old so I have a long road ahead of me. I am happy to know that I can return to Thank you.

StartingAgain | Glendale, Ca

We are a provider for court ordered parenting classes

We often find that parents are upset when they have been court-ordered to take a divorce class or parenting classes. One of the many misconceptions about a mandatory court ordered parenting classes is that the state is requiring you to learn how to be a mom or dad. The purpose of courses such a Parent Education and Family Stabilization classes, Keeping Kids First, family education programs, and Children in the Middle is to provide divorcing parents with very specific strategies on how to handle the unusual circumstances surrounding divorce and co-parenting.

During these extra difficult times, parents will be confronted with situations such as how to tell their children they are getting a divorce and then dealing with the circumstances which may arise based on how you approach this conversation. This is not Parenting 101; we are providing parents with a much deeper understanding of how to do such things as time sharing and writing a parenting plan that will be accepted by the courts. provides parents with this important information through a self-pacing online parenting class that uses audio, video and written materials. When you choose ParentingChoice as your online divorce class, you are choosing an accredited and court accepted class since 2005. We always update our content to the most current strategies and always provide a free certificate of completion!

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Parenting Choice is approved by the Department of Children and Families in Florida and accepted in courts nationwide.

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